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  OpenBazaar Finalizes Integration of Tor
Posted by: henryomad - 02-15-2017, 01:36 PM - Forum: Open Bazaar News - Replies (1)

It has been coming for a long time, but OpenBazaar successfully integrated Tor support. It was only a matter of time until this change took place. The OpenBazaar team wants to ensure their marketplace services can be used with all protocols, including those which provide more anonymity. It is now possible to run a darknet marketplace off one’s own computer, albeit that may not be the best course of action.

More on

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  Is privacy a significant selling point of @OpenBazaar for you?
Posted by: henryomad - 02-14-2017, 06:05 PM - Forum: Open Bazaar News - No Replies twitter poll

I voted yes, but it's not so much myself wanting privacy right now, more important for me is that privacy is possible. Having the choice to make known your identity is crucial IMO.

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  BTC-Visa debit card in Africa
Posted by: andy - 02-14-2017, 05:45 PM - Forum: Anything Goes - Replies (3)


Anyone know of a debit card that can be issued to places like Kenya? I looked at loads but can't find any that want to deal with Africans...


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  Open Bazzar Is Unique
Posted by: henryomad - 02-14-2017, 05:32 PM - Forum: General Discussions - No Replies

Hey I just found a store belonging to a guy in Siberia who makes leather goods. It's just amazing what you can find and its only the beginning. 
Somehow its completely different to etsy and all that. Its like you're introduced to people first, not just products. Those other places are just a bunch of products, but with Open Bazaar it's like your actually meeting real people. heres his about blurb:

Quote:Hello! I'm Semyon Bauer from Siberia. I am creating leather accessories such as belts, wallets, handcuffs and more. All the products I do completely by hand. I do not use the machine. Only hand-cut and hand-stitching. Some products dyed by hand. Buying my accessories, you get 100% hand-made product.

Awesome! Unless you're from Siberia I spose, then it might not be so exciting. 

his handle is @sbauer

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  Quit smoking with Bitcoin
Posted by: OpenSourcePhotos - 02-14-2017, 04:17 PM - Forum: Anything Goes - Replies (1)

Alright, so there isn't really a service that helps you quit smoking by paying in bitcoin. However this is just a little encouragement for those who still smoke cigarettes and are looking to quit.

I was a pretty heavy smoker, at least 1 pack a day. I didn't have a lavish job and have a bunch of extra income. Before my 30th birthday I really could start to feel the effects of my heavy smoking, I couldn't go snowboarding, swim, hike, do a lot of activities I wanted to as well as I had used to. So I set the date, when I turned 30 that was it.

I always had the idea that every day you stop smoking, take $7 (the cost of a pack of smokes at the time here) - and put it in a big clear jar, keep adding to it each day so you can literally see the savings.

I took this one step further, I started to look into bitcoin and see what this was all about. I then took the funds and rather than put them into a big clear jar, I started buying bitcoin.

Like most when I started I wanted to buy a full bitcoin or two (at the time they were $230-260) - and had no way to afford that. So by buying a little bit here and a little bit there, my wallet started to grow. 

The first goal was to be in the 21 million club, and by the time I made it there, the price had gone up and I witnessed the first LTC pump. I had gotten lucky and walked away with about 12% more than I had started, although at one point I could have cashed out for 220% but hey, greed and in-experience is a bitch eh? And damn did that crash fast!

The crypto world, markets, trading, new platforms were all so exciting that it became more addicting to watch the BTC charts than to smoke. Although sometimes when the market was being crazy it made me WANT to smoke more, but I stuck it through telling myself none of this would be possible if I were smoking.

Now a few years later I have a few BTC in cold storage, I have about 1 BTC I play with on an exchange, and 1 BTC in a slush fund that I buy stuff on Bazaar and have linked to a Shift card to use in case of an emergency rather than a credit card.

So what I am trying to say is, do it! Stop smoking it's not good, and put that money into BTC, even the few dollars a day adds up FAST. I had acquired my first bitcoin in a few months. Now it may be harder with the price higher, but if you think about it $7 a day is roughly $2,500 a year, so it would only take 6 months to be in the 21 million club.

Sorry of this sounds preachy, if you want to smoke cigarettes, that is your right I am not here to tell you what to do with you life, I am simply telling you what I did with mine to turn it around and to help my finances.

TL;DR - Quit Smoking - Put that money into BTC - Get addicted to Charts - Profit

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  What happened to bitmarkets?
Posted by: henryomad - 02-14-2017, 06:30 AM - Forum: General Discussions - Replies (1)

Hello all. Does anybody know what happened to bitmarkets I can't find anything since 2015 it seems to of just stopped. Their 2 party escrow was kinda interesting.

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  List of providers
Posted by: andy - 02-14-2017, 04:47 AM - Forum: OB Hosting Providers - Replies (2)

I will put a list of providers here. I think it's probably best not to put prices because packages and services vary greatly and price alone is no guide. Any ideas appreciated for how best to present this.

Will add more later, please post any you like.

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  OB has already enlightened me.
Posted by: OpenSourcePhotos - 02-13-2017, 09:19 PM - Forum: Anything Goes - Replies (2)

I have made a few purchases on OB and I just love the fact I can order something from someone across the globe, the money goes DIRECTLY to them, and I can experience things that I normally wouldn't be able to.

An example would be I ordered some Riceberry from Thailand. If I were to order this on it would cost me $35-50 depending on the source, as well as pay for shipping since most of them are not prime.

I was able to get a brick of it, along with some extra swag the buyer threw in, for only $30, and that INCLUDED the shipping. Cutting out the middleman apparently saves money, who knew!

Now I am able to experience a strain of rice and some culture from across the globe, from the comfort of my own home, all while helping someone who has the foresight to try to be an entrepreneur in this global marketplace.

On a larger scale, imagine what world disaster relief organizations could do where rather than trust your money to a few, list all the items to buy, water, blankets, medical supplies etc, and then you could directly purchase/help an area with bitcoin knowing where your money is going.

Rather than donate to a charity, buy something directly from someone living in the area who is actually offering a product or service. This encourages more adoption in those areas and you as an individual can impact someone's live far greater directly, than through a charity organization. (I'm not bashing all charities, there just tends to be abuse/waste in the larger ones).

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  A New Version of OpenBazaar is Just Months Away
Posted by: andy - 02-13-2017, 06:00 PM - Forum: Open Bazaar News - Replies (4)


[Image: openbazaar-e1485927506796.jpg]

A new version of the distributed e-commerce platform OpenBazaar could be released in a matter of months, according to members of its senior development team.
Speaking at CoinDesk's Construct 2017 conference in San Francisco yesterday, CEO Brian Hoffman and senior developer Chris Pacia revealed new details about both the project's user traction and the features that will be built into upcoming version, dubbed OpenBazaar 2.0.
In remarks, the developers said they plan to integrate the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) to boost store uptime, improve dispute resolution and inventory management, and bolster third-party search, while offering online store support, offline purchases and Tor integration.
Ultimately, Hoffman offered an optimistic outline of the usability of the platform, which opened to users in April 2016.
Hoffman told the audience:

Quote:"Our goal with OpenBazaar 2.0 is to get it to be, with the exception of using bitcoin, ... an identical experience of what you’d see on Etsy. I think the 2.0 [version] is close to that."
Among the biggest priorities, Hoffman said, remains improving the platform's search functionalities so that, even despite the distributed nature of the e-commerce site, it offers an experience more akin to centralized services like Google.
"Most of the time, search is highly optimized, but in a decentralized network, you have to try to get the data off all the nodes. It can be slow and challenging,” he said.
In what would emerge as a pattern for the day, Hoffman also faced sometimes pointed questions from an expert audience that sought to discern how the platform was adapting to the relative lack of adoption seen by bitcoin more broadly.
"The idea of using cryptocurrency all the time is still foreign to most people. I would say we're three to five years away at minimum," he said.
Overall, Hoffman said the roadmap outlined did not have a hard deadline, but that he believes it will be available in the next few months. The project, first announced in 2014, now claims 400,000 downloads, 300 merchants and 10,000 listings.
The project has to date raised $4m in funding from BlueYard, Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures – $3m of which was announced in a December 2016 round.
The latest details come six months after OpenBazaar’s main development startup, OB1, first announced it had begun work on a 2.0 release.
Image via Pete Rizzo for CoinDesk

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  Privacy Vs Normal Users
Posted by: andy - 02-13-2017, 04:32 PM - Forum: General Discussions - Replies (13)

Will the sale of 'illegal' stuff put people off using OB and make it into a ghetto of 'illegal' stuff?

With the current version, it's not really feasible to sell drugs etc, because your IP is easily traceable. I think users should be able to judge for themselves what is 'good' and 'bad' and make their own decisions without being dictated to by someone else imposing their opinions by force.

However, with the current state of human enlightenment, do you think the opening up of the gates to 'illegal' stuff could cause OB to end up not being used by most people, partly because of the propaganda opportunity version 2 presents to our enemies in the silly money world, and partly just because of people's inability to do rational thought, which could lead them to believe they will be associated with illegality just by using OB, because they are still thinking of it as some kind of organization like Amazon etc?

 Is there some way to have a decentralized 'family safe' filter, done by the users (not just the store owners)? People are used to using curated stores, and if they open OB and are presented something 'offensive' they are likely to blame OB without thinking and not use it anymore.

Could it end up a ghetto like Silk Road?

Any thoughts?

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