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Yay, first post. 

Will delete these threads when testing is over...

If you're like most Americans, you probably grew up in a community-some place where you knew most of your neighbors by name, where your life intersected with your neighbors' in the street, at school, in shops, and at church. If you're like most highly educated Americans you probably think you live in a community now, but it's far from where you were raised, you don't know most of your neighbors, and most of the people you consider to be part of your community live across town or across the country. The truth is most of us aren't really living in real communities anymore. We're living in the ruins of bygone communities, in special-interest networks that aren't really communities at all
-they're ghettos of like minded people.

Most of the rest of the world still live in communities, connected to a place and their neighbors are of mutual need and support. Of course real communities can be constrictive and oppressive, but they can also teach you how to live with people who are very different from you, people you wouldn't necessarily choose to be with. Networks are based on choice. When they get uncomfortable, it's easy to opt out of them. Communities teach tolerance, co-existence, and mutual respect. I think most of us are searching for community.
-Utne, Eric (1995). Networks Are Not Communities. Utne Reader. March/April
Yambub, here's a video for you:
Free Trade for Africa (and other places too...)


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