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Open Source Photos.
Hi there, I figured I'd use this platform as a way to introduce myself and consolidate some of my thoughts/ideas behind Open Source Photos to give you an idea of what that actually means. I apologize in advance if this is all over the place as I've had a lot of coffee this morning!


Why did you start in this business?

Copyright is deador rather should be drastically changed.

The main idea of Open Source Photos is that trying to use art/photos/videos with the current system of using the big name sites like Shutter-stock can be a pain. There are various licensing options depending how the buyer wants to use the photo, is it a one time use? Is it in a magazine? If so how big is their distribution. Do they want exclusive rights?

You have to "apply" to sell, by submitting some work and having them judge the photo before selling. This is to create more quality images to sell 'their' brand at a higher price than competitors. This can be a little overwhelming to those just trying to get their feet wet in this area. Also the websites like Shutter-stock take a cut of the money from the photographer for offering this service, and it just creates extra paperwork/red-tape.

So the idea I have is to be able to sell your digital goods with an open source mindset, everyone can sell whatever photo they want and be their own store by using a service like to claim ownership of the origin of the image, and then hoping on the 'pay it forward' mentality that if your work becomes frequently used/remixed that good fortune will trickle its way back to you. You see this sometimes on services like reddit/voat where if there is a "re-post" the community tries to give the original video/author credit. Does it work all the time and will people take my stuff and profit and I will never see a penny of it? Most definitely, but applying the wisdom of crowds and hoping that by eliminating all the red-tape and licensing options with a buy it once mentality I can spend more time doing what I want (taking photos/making images) and sell more images for less, rather than try to focus and selling a few amazing images for more than what they are worth.

The idea behind copyright makes sense in terms of protecting an artists work and trying to get them the money they deserve for their work , however it has gone overboard in my opinion. If you think about it, 90% of creations are created of the backs of another idea. It is hard to come up with an original song without subconsciously using a riff you may have heard. Using code from one program to implement it in another creating a new service that didn't exist before. Sure there are the truly innovating who can come up with a unique concept, but most things are a remix already. By applying copyright to everything it stifles innovation and creation. Just look at YouTube's copyright policy which is now banning users/DE-monetizing their videos all because of a 3 second sound clip that matched one in their database. Algorithms are now becoming judge jury and executioner (of profits). What helped the growth of YouTube (the crazy remix videos) is now becoming banned, and I feel in the long term, YouTube is going to be the next MySpace if enough users jump ship to a platform that isn't so riddled with legal paperwork.

What is and I'm quoting from their website, "Create a permanent and unbreakable link between you and your creative work. That link – the record of ownership – can be forever verified and tracked." "Each registered piece comes with a COA, a built in unique cryptographic ID and the complete ownership history. The COA can be verified anytime and printed out" "Transfer, consign or loan your digital creations without losing attribution. Our easy-to-use platform comes equipped with clear legal framework and supports custom contracts."

Basically think Block-chain, Free, Copyright Service for artists.

This creates a proof of each image you upload to ascribe is actually your image. Even if someone then buys my image and tries to re-upload it, my date stamp will still be prior to theirs so the community can look at that and see who is the original author.

I can let my images go with the "Open Source License" - basically the MIT license but replace code/programs with digital files/images.

I am going to also start putting the unique links in the metadata of each image as a sort of copyright proof for the buyer.

What is your target market?

By offering my images cheap, it allows that kid who's 16 who maybe wants some pictures to practice with Photoshop and learn a skill, but he doesn't have a credit card to purchase images offline and he doesn't want to steal someone's work. He can now using bitcoin to purchase a photo cheap and do what he wants with it. I'm not going to track anyone down and demand royalties. Want an easy image for a blog post/forum/website/business header? Buy it once and re-use it remix it as much as you want!

If someone living in a real market city in say India wants to buy a few of my images and make physical printings of them and then sell them on the other side of the world. Why should I get a % of every sale. They did all the legwork of the idea to print this image at their local market, paid for all the cost to create the images, and is doing all of the selling/distributing. They aren't saturating my local area with my own work and it won't affect my profits here. It would be nice to get recondition for my work like with a CC license (this means they can re-mix re-use your work but they legally HAVE to give you credit which again is more red/tape) but I do not require it because if it works out and they want more images, they will come back. Also each image using will be date stamped to me being the author of the image.

If someone wants to take some images and create some themes and sell them on the bazaar - please do it! I feel if you change the photo or are using it in a unique way that you thought of, I shouldn't get any part of that. I simply gave you the blue paint, to which you painted the ocean.

I am then hoping others will go with this idea, letting their art go for cheap and allowing it to be remixed and resold, this then could create a feedback loop where the artists are not only making money off consumers and fans of their work, but the majority of their money will be coming from within the community because the money will flow from one artist to the other as they bounce images/ideas to each other.


I will do my best at keeping the costs as low as possible while still covering transaction cost/listing time. I want to only do images for $1-2 ideally. Rather than try to take 1 amazing work and sell it for $1000, I'd rather have so many images that people want to use because of the convenience that I'm selling 1000 photos for $1. And because of the integration with crptocurrency it makes selling for smaller amounts economically feasible.

Why do you use OpenBazaar and how long have you had an OpenBazaar store?

I love the idea of decentralized services not controlled by single entities. Decentralization is foundation of the internet after all.

So far the community has been very welcoming. I even had 1 purchase on one of my earlier stores before my history got erased because I didn't know how to backup the GUID/STORE from my vps. I had one purchase later and was hoping/waiting on some feedback but it never came through, so I had to use a moderator to get the funds moved from escrow -> my wallet. So I'm grateful for the testing and experience I'm gaining using the platform at an early stage. This will allow me to appreciate the more streamlined clients to come. I still am a relative Open Bazaar newb as I have only been in the community for about a month now.

Even if it doesn't work out to where I can use this as a source of income, I've learned some networking/computing skills I didn't have before. I hopefully can inspire a few people to go down the same route as me with their artwork and this can have a pay it forward mentality. I look forward to watching bazaar grow and this community grow as bitcoin becomes more globally adopted and hopefully we can start a Digital Media Revolution.
Hi, that's a great post, full of interesting thoughts. The world is changing fast and pretty much every trade is affected. I think it's up to us to make sure the changes are beneficial to us, not just to the people who currently try to rule us. That's why I'm doing what I can to use and promote OB. There's a quote I came across a while back that sums it up better than I can,

Quote:Naturally, we all seek to explain what we perceive in terms of the phase we have been in rather than in terms of the phase we are moving towards. We are like water molecules trying to understand the process of boiling and evaporation in the absence of any concept of being in a gaseous (vapour) state.

Copyright is part of the old phase and we need to figure out new strategies. It's creators themselves who will come up with solutions.

It's a really amazing time we're in! I suppose it's always been true that people are constantly creating the future, but we seem to have so much more opportunity now. It seems that right now we have more control than ever over if we go up into the realms of untrammeled freedom or down into the ant heap of totalitarianism. Within a few years, cash will no longer exist and there will be at least one world currency. We don't seem to have much choice over that, but what we can choose is if the currency belongs to us or to the same bunch of psychos who have owned all our currencies for 2,000 years or more.

Past revolutions always failed because they had nothing new to replace the thing they rejected. This is different because it doesn't even need a revolution, we just use new technologies and wean ourselves off the old crap.

Like you said, it's important to be spending time doing what you want. I've tried a few different things as businesses, and always they turn into something else, in fact, always they turn into the same boring crap, no matter what the original idea was. This is the first time I have felt enthusiastic about turning ideas into a source of income in a long time. There's still work to be done, obstacles to overcome and things to be worked out, but at least they are real things, not arbitrary stupid bureaucracy.

For me, there is no left and right, just interesting or boring, and most of the world is being taken over by the boring. Cryptocurrencies and OB are boosting the interesting and that has to be a good thing. Even Trump is interesting. He just abolished some arts council thing, so maybe now you'll have a better chance to compete with all those bad artists who were forcing taxpayers to buy their ugly crap! And maybe while the left-right authoritarian marchers are distracted by the recent infighting we'll be able to make a break for freedom.

all the best
Free Trade for Africa (and other places too...)


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