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A New Version of OpenBazaar is Just Months Away

[Image: openbazaar-e1485927506796.jpg]

A new version of the distributed e-commerce platform OpenBazaar could be released in a matter of months, according to members of its senior development team.
Speaking at CoinDesk's Construct 2017 conference in San Francisco yesterday, CEO Brian Hoffman and senior developer Chris Pacia revealed new details about both the project's user traction and the features that will be built into upcoming version, dubbed OpenBazaar 2.0.
In remarks, the developers said they plan to integrate the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) to boost store uptime, improve dispute resolution and inventory management, and bolster third-party search, while offering online store support, offline purchases and Tor integration.
Ultimately, Hoffman offered an optimistic outline of the usability of the platform, which opened to users in April 2016.
Hoffman told the audience:
Quote:"Our goal with OpenBazaar 2.0 is to get it to be, with the exception of using bitcoin, ... an identical experience of what you’d see on Etsy. I think the 2.0 [version] is close to that."
Among the biggest priorities, Hoffman said, remains improving the platform's search functionalities so that, even despite the distributed nature of the e-commerce site, it offers an experience more akin to centralized services like Google.
"Most of the time, search is highly optimized, but in a decentralized network, you have to try to get the data off all the nodes. It can be slow and challenging,” he said.
In what would emerge as a pattern for the day, Hoffman also faced sometimes pointed questions from an expert audience that sought to discern how the platform was adapting to the relative lack of adoption seen by bitcoin more broadly.
"The idea of using cryptocurrency all the time is still foreign to most people. I would say we're three to five years away at minimum," he said.
Overall, Hoffman said the roadmap outlined did not have a hard deadline, but that he believes it will be available in the next few months. The project, first announced in 2014, now claims 400,000 downloads, 300 merchants and 10,000 listings.
The project has to date raised $4m in funding from BlueYard, Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures – $3m of which was announced in a December 2016 round.
The latest details come six months after OpenBazaar’s main development startup, OB1, first announced it had begun work on a 2.0 release.
Image via Pete Rizzo for CoinDesk
I really am looking forward to IPFS, with the ability to not have to run a VPS node 24/7 this will hopefully allow more non-techie users to join up and start listing/growing the market (hopefully exponentially). I have a few friends that list stuff on Etsy/E-bay and have tried getting them to list stuff on OB, I even told them I'd set up their VPS for them, but alas it just seemed like a 3rd thing to juggle while they are already trying to run 2 online shops and they wouldn't want to have to rely on me if anything went wrong.

One makes custom glass marbles/art/pipes and a few other just make handmade jewelry/crafts, but hopefully OB can steal a bunch of the Etsy/E-bay community by being far superior in many ways. I feel like someone needs to make one of those short videos with the cartoon graphics and upbeat music comparing Centralized services like E-bay/Etsy to OB, so when launch happens the lazy can watch a 2-3 minute video that explains it for them in ELI5 terms.

I'm also glad I jumped on board relatively early, by early adopting once the platform becomes more streamlined I will be able to appreciate the forward progress of the developers and everyone involved that much more!
(02-14-2017, 05:27 AM)OpenSourcePhotos Wrote: I really am looking forward to IPFS, with the ability to not have to run a VPS node 24/7 

Wow, I hadn't even thought of that aspect, it's going to be so much easier, so people can turn off their computers at night and check in next day to see if there are any orders?  On the other hand, there goes one little extra business possibility. But this makes it into something that people can just download and use. The store set-up process is already better than any other online store out there. It's going to grow fast after that.
(02-14-2017, 06:33 AM)henryomad Wrote:
(02-14-2017, 05:27 AM)OpenSourcePhotos Wrote: I really am looking forward to IPFS, with the ability to not have to run a VPS node 24/7 

So people can turn off their computers at night and check in next day to see if there are any orders? 

From what I understand yes, for a limited amount of time their store will seed among the network, and when they reopen the program it will then sync with the store on the network to see if there are any changes. I heard in a speech somewhere I think they were brainstorming with 30 days before the network forgets about it to eliminate clutter. I could be wrong on the time, and that can be something that gets tested/adjusted as needed.
It's currently 7 days, not 30, but other than that you're spot on. Anybody visiting your store will seed it for you while you're offline. Additionally, you can push your listings to willing "gateway" nodes and by default data will be pushed to at least an OB1-run gateway.

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