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Quit smoking with Bitcoin
Alright, so there isn't really a service that helps you quit smoking by paying in bitcoin. However this is just a little encouragement for those who still smoke cigarettes and are looking to quit.

I was a pretty heavy smoker, at least 1 pack a day. I didn't have a lavish job and have a bunch of extra income. Before my 30th birthday I really could start to feel the effects of my heavy smoking, I couldn't go snowboarding, swim, hike, do a lot of activities I wanted to as well as I had used to. So I set the date, when I turned 30 that was it.

I always had the idea that every day you stop smoking, take $7 (the cost of a pack of smokes at the time here) - and put it in a big clear jar, keep adding to it each day so you can literally see the savings.

I took this one step further, I started to look into bitcoin and see what this was all about. I then took the funds and rather than put them into a big clear jar, I started buying bitcoin.

Like most when I started I wanted to buy a full bitcoin or two (at the time they were $230-260) - and had no way to afford that. So by buying a little bit here and a little bit there, my wallet started to grow. 

The first goal was to be in the 21 million club, and by the time I made it there, the price had gone up and I witnessed the first LTC pump. I had gotten lucky and walked away with about 12% more than I had started, although at one point I could have cashed out for 220% but hey, greed and in-experience is a bitch eh? And damn did that crash fast!

The crypto world, markets, trading, new platforms were all so exciting that it became more addicting to watch the BTC charts than to smoke. Although sometimes when the market was being crazy it made me WANT to smoke more, but I stuck it through telling myself none of this would be possible if I were smoking.

Now a few years later I have a few BTC in cold storage, I have about 1 BTC I play with on an exchange, and 1 BTC in a slush fund that I buy stuff on Bazaar and have linked to a Shift card to use in case of an emergency rather than a credit card.

So what I am trying to say is, do it! Stop smoking it's not good, and put that money into BTC, even the few dollars a day adds up FAST. I had acquired my first bitcoin in a few months. Now it may be harder with the price higher, but if you think about it $7 a day is roughly $2,500 a year, so it would only take 6 months to be in the 21 million club.

Sorry of this sounds preachy, if you want to smoke cigarettes, that is your right I am not here to tell you what to do with you life, I am simply telling you what I did with mine to turn it around and to help my finances.

TL;DR - Quit Smoking - Put that money into BTC - Get addicted to Charts - Profit
That's a pretty good idea. I stopped smoking about 6 months ago (I had no way to get cigs so I had no choice), but I was already used to spending that money anyways. May as well start using it to do regular small buys.

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