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Open Bazzar Is Unique
Hey I just found a store belonging to a guy in Siberia who makes leather goods. It's just amazing what you can find and its only the beginning. 
Somehow its completely different to etsy and all that. Its like you're introduced to people first, not just products. Those other places are just a bunch of products, but with Open Bazaar it's like your actually meeting real people. heres his about blurb:
Quote:Hello! I'm Semyon Bauer from Siberia. I am creating leather accessories such as belts, wallets, handcuffs and more. All the products I do completely by hand. I do not use the machine. Only hand-cut and hand-stitching. Some products dyed by hand. Buying my accessories, you get 100% hand-made product.

Awesome! Unless you're from Siberia I spose, then it might not be so exciting. 

his handle is @sbauer

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