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Why do they call it darknet?
Congrats OB team, well done on the Tor integration!

I wish the media would stop calling it the darknet! I think the google-government-facebook monitored internet is the darknet, tor is for people who don't want to be monitored, What's dark about that? 

The name itself gives away who named it. It's 'dark' to the spooks and marketers who want to listen in to everything everyone does.  What's dark to them? Privacy! Good honest people engaged in conversation or trade really don't give a crap to know what everyone is doing and saying. The only people who need to know all that are the parasites who prey on those honest people. 

Those are the darknet. They hide under stones and scurry from the light because they know they will be stepped on when discovered. they want the whole world to be in darkness. Don't believe me? What do you think Brian is doing in this photo?

[Image: openbazaar_e1485927506796.jpg]

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