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Anonymous Ads - a good place to advertise your store?
[Image: Screenshot_from_2017_02_16_18_06_01.png]
I've been trying to find places to advertise stores and not having much luck. It was part of the reason for setting up this forum. It's early days for OB as yet so I spose it's unreasonable to expect much. Still, I have an account already with anonymous ads and I think as soon as I have a few good products I'll try it out myself.

They fit well with the privacy ethic already embodied in OB, they don't even want your name and address. We just take that for granted when doing business now, but why on earth should someone demand your name and address when they aren't sending you something?

It's pretty cheap to advertise, they are comparable with all the other ad portals on price, the main difference is that you don't need a college course to be able to understand their interface and the 10 minutes or so it will take to set up your account, advert etc means an extra few hours of leisure which is worth more than money. And pretty much all who see it will already be bitcoin users, so there's some easy 'targeting' for ya.

I wrote an article about them on but it's not so good, so any discussion here would be appreciated to improve it, cheers.

And here's my reflink, - every little helps!
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