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OpenBazaar: Everything in Moderation?
By Open Bazaar Blogger

OpenBazaar Moderators acting like Bitcoin Miners
The most difficult part of any decentralized network is to find ways of securing it and reducing fraud when no one person or institution can control or influence the outcome. With bitcoin, there are miners who compete with one another to earn the reward for ensuring the accuracy of the shared ledger, with OpenBazaar (OB) the moderators will compete with one another to promote honesty between buyers and sellers and earn fees for securing the network by being the third party if any disputes arise. While impossible to have a perfect system where absolutely no fraud takes place, the moderators and user reviews will play in important part in making it as safe as possible to use.

Why use a Moderator?
Using a moderator gives both buyer and seller peace of mind knowing that if a problem arises at least there is someone they can plead their case to in order to protect them from dishonest users. 

More on
That was a good article, it should help anyone not familiar with what moderation is about.

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