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This thread is for "official" store threads. Post about your store, photos, embed a video, whatever you like.

Banner Ads
For a while, we can just accept banners and put them in the page header for free. So if you'd like to advertise, please just post your banner in this thread. 250 x 250 px should fit nicely. Animated is fine, so long as they don't flash, i.e. fading transitions or simple cuts to fit more info in are fine.

The idea of this forum is to promote Open Bazaar and all the possibilities it opens up for us, Profit is not a purpose, so eventually all we will ask is to cover costs, so with 10 ads in rotation, we should be able to do it for as little as 2c in satoshi per day. This would make it possible for anyone to advertise, wherever in the world they are. If server loads get high it may increase, but then you'd be getting more views too. Or we could have more than 3 and rotate them... who knows!

If you can't do a banner ad, no worries, you can have a text ad like what's beneath the header space now. Just put your ad text in a post to this thread. Many browsers don't understand ob:// links yet so it might be better to link to your listing in duosearch or bazaarbay search engines.


Currently working on:
  • Making a sidebar, to make better use of the space,
  • We could fit 2 or 3 ads down the side and then the text column wouldn't be so wide (win-win).
  • Also a javascript ad rotator
but it's all new to me so any help will be appreciated.
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